September 8, 2015

Hi Family,

That is great news about the heater!  and Levi is a stud!  I love the kid!  He and Josh Boggs and Greg all wrote me a letter the other week and I need to email them today.  I sure hope he is doing well.  I wish the best for him.  I am very happy that he isn’t less active now that Dustin and I are gone.
This last week was pretty good.  We visited some less active families and it hit me today that they are just as important as people investigating the church if not more so.  They have already made those covenants with Heavenly Father and not holding to them!  Pretty sad.  So, we are trying really hard to work with them and get them active again!  We didn’t have any “investies” at church this last week but we had two less active families and a less active man!  It was so good.  Sister Tufono, one of the moms got up and shared her testimony about how she know the church is true and how she is going to try her hardest to make it every Sunday with the family.  We are excited!  She was super emotional.  We are teaching this Chinese lady who is less active and it is so great!  So many new cultures to learn all about.

Yesterday my companion and I had a lesson with the Christiansens and then some service and ate a big meal at like 4ish.  All you can eat ribs and fruit and mac n cheese and salad with brownies and cake!  We were uber stuffed all night.  Then at 8ish we went to a Samoans house and as soon as we got there they sat us down with a huge plate of food saying “elders, eat, eat” and what are we going to do?  Two scrawny white boys saying no thank you to a couple of massive pollies?  Yeah, not happening!  So we ate and I don’t think I have ever prayed harder!  I was pleading with Heavenly Father just for him to make room in my belly so I could eat all this food and not offend these kind 400 pounders!  My prayers were answered!  Biking home was a task!  I thought I was going to break my bike! 😉  People take care of us missionaries pretty well here and I love it!

That is it for this week!  Oh!, on the way home last night it was pitch black and we biked past this dude who was like “D***, I ain’t never seen the Mormons out this late!” hahah it made my night!  Till next week!  I love you!

Elder Pratt


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