September 21, 2015

Hey Family!
It seems like you have had a pretty crazy past two weeks!  That is so sad about Marvin (a cousin of dads who passed away).  There was a video we watched yesterday in our mission devotional about a man who was with his family and was hit by a drunk driver.  The crash killed the wife, son, and a daughter, but the drunk survived.  The man forgave the driver.  It was amazing to be able to hear about how with the help of Christ we can do all things.

Yesterday we had dinner with Ed and Annette Ward (investigators).  We had steak dinner and taught the Restoration/ Book of Mormon.  On the way to the mission devotional in Sumner which is like 30 minutes away, Sister Ward said “boys I hate to throw a wrench in your perfect gospel, but they have proof of Jesus Christ actually being here in America.”  This is before we talked about the Book of Mormon.  So we were like “ah… are you sure?  Where did this info come from?”  Then we got to explain the Book of Mormon.  Yeah, it was so cool that it totally when along with what we were saying!  After the devotional we asked them what they thought and Bro. Ward is in the ponder phase of it, but Sister Ward said she knows its true.  She can just feel it in her heart!  It was so amazing!  They were both crying during the devotional.  Things are going well here in Federal Way (not Dash Point) that was just for the day mom.  Sorry for the mix up.  It’s week 6!  Next p-day will be on Tuesday.  I gotta run, but I love you!  Can you get me Brother Tryons address?  I was just thinking of him this week!  Crazy how that happens.  I love you!

Elder Pratt


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