September 14, 2015

Hello Family!
This week was interesting!  We had a lot of crazy stuff happen!  First off I crashed my bike!  I did a flip right over the handle bars!  The bike is fine and me too!
Then we were contacting/ tracting and I decided that if the approach was weird and not going anywhere instead of just saying “well ugh we mission mormonaries from the church of jewish rice of rattle day snakes blah blah” then I was going to ask if Steve lived there!  So, we knocked on this door and the dude was not too happy to see us so I just asked, “hey does Steve live here? and he was like “well yeah, I am Steve” then I thought, “freak oh man, I never thought it was going to be his exact name!  What do I do now?!?!”  So I was just like,  “well uh, someone told us to come see you and talk about how you can find happiness in this life and the life to come!”  He was not interested…. but it was just freakin crazy!
Then we wanted to try it on his neighbor so we started to the door and all of the sudden a  huge dog comes out of the door running full speed at us!  My comp freaked out but the dog was so nice.  The owner, not so much.  He let the dog out to scare us away but his plan totally back fired and well you can’t do that if you have a teddy bear of a dog, sir.
The other night we had an awesome experience.  It was like 8:45 and pitch black.  We cant return to the apartment till 9.  We were trying to decide what to do till then and I just told my comp that the lord would give us something to do.  As we were biking home we passed this lady and we asked how she was doing.  She told us “bad” and soon we found out that she had been there broken down for 2 hours!  The key would go into the ignition, but wouldn’t turn and the tow truck driver was on the way.  Then my companion asked, “well have you prayed about it?” so she said a prayer with us and asked if we would like to try to start it.  I took the keys and got in.  She was right.  The car was going no where.  So I was like “what the heck!  I have faith; why isn’t this working? if seas can be torn in half and mountains can be moved then why can’t this key just turn?”  I tried it so many times, then I took it out and just said a quick prayer that I wanted this to happen not for me, but to help strengthen this lady’s testimony of prayer and I would give all of the glory to Him.  Then I put the key back in and it fired right up!  It was amazing!  The lady then got in and turned it on and off multiple times and she was like “wow…. works like new!”  We got her info and all and hopefully we are able to see her soon and help her out further.  It was pretty amazing!
Sunday morning we were woken up to at 4 am to knocking on the door.  We answered it and it was our neighbors upstairs.  They told us that one of our bikes had just been stolen.  Elder Christiansens bike had been jacked!  The thief clipped the 3/4 inch steel cable and took off… it was pretty sad.  He had spent $300 on it and then another $100 just the other day for a new back rim.  So, 400 bucks down the drain!  It’s so crazy that whenever something goes bad I hear dad’s wise words in my head, to just “let it go and not worry about it”.

Being a missionary is pretty great!  Lots of lessons to be learned, there are two kinds of missionaries out there, those who complain and let things get to them and those who laugh at challenges and improve themselves because of it.  It’s been a tough week, I’m not going to lie, but it’s just given me more space to learn and improve; so this week will be better than last!  Well I gotta go, but I love you and hope that your week is fantastic!

Elder Pratt


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