October 5, 2015

I love my new area and my new companion!  Enumclaw is probably one of the coolest places ever!  The population here is about 11,000 so pretty tiny and a very nice change to the 100,000 people in Federal Way.  What is Show Lows population?  Like 15,000?  I dont know…haha.  Here the houses are mostly spread out and there are gorgeous green fields and barns and cows!!!!  You go out side and can actually hear your own thoughts.  It makes it much easier for contacting to have peace and quiet before I make a fool of myself!  It makes me feel better.  I’m still not very good at starting conversations, but at least here people drive trucks and everyone loves to talk about their trucks.  Its way easier to start a conversation!  We have decided to do lots more tracting and trying our luck on that.  Surprisingly, for the most part people are pretty receptive of it.  You will always get those who aren’t kind, but they just don’t understand right now so we try our hardest to be patient with them.
My companion and i are “cut from the same cloth”.  That’s what our district leader said at least.  My companion is from a small town in Wyoming.  He loves to hunt and shoot stuff, be outside, trucks, blowing stuff up, fire, hates spiders, sucks at cooking, loves working hard, and loves the gospel.  He and I are so alike that at times its a bad thing!  Now we have to be careful that we plan for the next day and don’t just talk about past memories!  We both get very easily distracted….but it’s so nice to be able to love my companion and actually mean it when i say it. I worked really hard at it with all my previous comps, but with Elder Covington, it’s so easy.

Today our ward mission leader is taking us on a hike to a beautiful lake and up a stream to watch the salmon spawn.  He is awesome!  So everything here is going well.  The Saturday before I came here they had two baptisms and we are working with a few people to get them there also.  We are spending so much time finding people to teach but not too many are super solid.  We will keep trying.  The member work here is amazing!  We have been doing a few member inspires and they are so receptive and willing to share the gospel with their friends!  We found that “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” is the easiest way to share the gospel for those who are a little uneasy on opening their mouths.  I challenge the Pratt family to share it with someone!  Pray for a name to come to mind and share it!  I love that document!  Our apostles really are inspired by God in order to write something 20 years ago that totally applies to today.  How cool is that?

Conference was amazing!  We as a district watched it at the church building.  We showed up sat morning and no one was there….for any of the sessions besides priesthood!  But it’s just not the same as in Show Low.  Hopefully they were all watching it in their homes.  I really enjoyed the talk by that one guy on that one thing that he spoke about. Haha..no I don’t remember his name, but he talked about mothers and the love they have for their children.  How it related to Christ’s love.  Its pretty amazing.  I am so grateful for this family that I was born into.  I don’t think I could imagine my life without any of you, especially you mom, and dad.  Thank you for all that you do.  I really suck at sharing my appreciation for you, but I will try to do better.  I am grateful for all of the lessons that you two have taught me that shaped me into who I am.  It makes me sad that some children have never had good examples or anyone to really look up to, and yet here I am taking this for granted…wow, crazy to think about.  If I could be half the parents that you are to me then I would be happy and feel good with the future of my children. Well I have to go, but I am so grateful to have such great parents and awesome family!  Have a great week!

Elder Pratt


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