October 12, 2015

Man that is amazing that you are able to do all that super fun stuff (the family came up to Utah to visit.  We went to BYU Spectacular, the BYU homecoming game, and an Opera)!  I am pretty jealous that you got to go to a game!  I’ve never even been to a college football game!  I am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well.  I emailed dad about the coat situation . It only gets 40 degrees here!  Thats short sleeve weather!  Come on Washington!  What I really could use/want is a new watch…mine isn’t water proof and the face just cracked.  Could you send me a new one?  I was just going to get one from like Walmart, but I really did love the one I had right before I went into the mtc.  It’s a Vooray silicone black band with white hands and numbers.  J will know which one!  That would be fantastic!

Last night Elder Covington and I were just messing around and we get this call at like 10:28 from President Eaton…. uht ohhh.  So, we answered thinking we were going to get rebuked for something we did and he invited us to go on a morning hike with him to the top of this mountain!  We met him and two other Elders at the bottom of the trail head in the pitch black!  He gave us some head lights and then took off running up this trail!  For being an older dude that guy can boogie!  We stopped a few hundred yards up this thing and stretched it out.  We then walked the rest, but talked about instinsas (instances) in the scriptures where there is a mountain and prayer involved.  How we have this trial before us.  It’s an act of faith that when we reach the top the Lord will answer us.  How before there were temples the tops of mountains were the most spiritual places.  How it’s apart from the world, higher than the rest.  When we reached the top the sun was just about up.  We talked about prayer and the importance of why we pray and what we expect from prayer.  We then went off and had our own personal prayers in the woods out loud.  Except no words were coming out of my mouth because I couldn’t even talk.  I was so overwhelmed with the spirit that it was game over for me. Tears were running down my face!  I have only felt the spirit that strong once before.  I know that this is the truth.  This is the church that gets us closest to God and lets us return to live with Him and our Savior again.  We reunited just as the sun was coming up and President Eaton talked about how in Luke he relates the Savior to the morning sun.  He is always there.  No matter what.  We can count on him to watch over us and comfort us.  To lighten our path.  Make known roots and rocks that are in our path. He doesn’t get rid of them, but shows us they are there and that we can avoid them.  He gives things life.  Helps things to grow.  Brings warmth to the dark.  It was so amazing!  Then on the way back down it was like a question and answer.  It was so nice that he took the time out of his super busy schedule to help us missionaries feel of that love.  I love President Eaton, and I love this gospel.  Nothing will make that change.  I am so glad that my life is where it is at right now.  This experience has changed my life!  I don’t know if President Eaton will ever know how much that helped me and forever changed how I look at life.  Just those 2 hours with him changed my whole look at life!  We are so blessed to live in a time when the gospel is on the earth, and promised to never be taken away again.  I am grateful for all those who gave their mortal lives to save this truth.  There is nothing better.  This week has been amazing.  The best of my life actually!  I have to get going.  Here are some pictures of my new area and the sunrise this morning.

Elder Pratt

DSCF0794[1] DSCF0884[1] DSCF0926[1] DSCF0940[1] DSCF0951[1]

A little bit country
A little bit country
gorgeous sunrise!
gorgeous sunrise!



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