August 31, 2015

Yeahahah!  I am so excited for Alex!  That is so great 🙂

This week has also been very uneventful.  Monday night we went to the Droguetts and had a super spiritual lesson on prayer.  It was fantastic!  But then after we left I got hit by a flippin’ train with stomach sickness!  We finished out the day and I went to be early.  Then I woke up at 11ish and just let it rip.  I was puking my brains out!  It was bad, then I felt better so I went back to bed.  Nope… woke up again around 3 and same thing, except there was no food in my belly so it was pretty nasty.  I did not like that one bit…. and the mission rule is if you throw up then you have to call Sister Eaton and let her know.  So we did and she told us to stay in for the next day or so.  Being sick as a missionary sucks so bad!  I finished 1st Nephi and made a pretty sick scripture case out of camo duct tape.  So that was pretty cool.  Then we were ready to go out and then my comp got hit with the same thing!  We ended up staying in the whole week….yeah it was rough. But yesterday and Saturday we worked hard!  So yeah, that is about it with this week.

One of the families that we have been teaching, the Scheuflers are getting a divorce… it pretty much ruined me.  I was so sad and still am.  I feel like if I would have been a better teacher and strived super hard to have the spirit lead the lessons then they might not being going through with it.  I don’t know…Bro. Scheufler told me to not take it personal or anything and it was coming for a long time, but I still feel pretty saddened by it all.  Maybe it will be good though. She was not really wanting anything to do with the church but he was.  So maybe it will free him up to come to church? Who knows!?

Well, I am doing well here in Washington!  I love it!  Oh, and the fires that are happening are not close to me.  We had smoke here the other day, but it blew over the mountains from the fires in Eastern Washington.  Well I gotta go, but I am so grateful for a family that has helped me come to where I am at in this beautiful time in my life.  I have never been happier and I know that the gospel is where true happiness is found.  I love you!

Elder Pratt


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