August 24,2015

This week has been nuts!  I have no time to email because of computer problems.  I am on a laptop and its pretty difficult.  It’s hard not having much time to email. I loved hearing from you twice!  Yesterday sounded like a good day. (Ashlyn’s farewell)
Yeah I am fat… haha!  It’s all in my legs and butt so that is good.  Two of my shirts don’t fit, but they barely fit in the mtc.  My slacks fit tighter, but that is okay with me.  I don’t mind.  I will take more pics this next week and send them.
This week has been nuts though.  My bike was way too small.  I got this free bike from an Elder and it was a pretty nice bike, but also too small.  I don’t know how you and dad got me my bike and it actually fit me!  That bike is so nice!  I miss it!  I don’t want it to be up here because it will get jacked.  So yeah, I was looking over the shoulder of an awesome member and we were scrounging Craigslist to find a 21 inch bike frame.  Nothing!  Then we went to a local bike shop and they had some, but they were junk- super ghetto and street bikes with tiny tires and no suspension.  Then that night we looked again and found a sweet giant with 29 inch tires and it’s like super nice.  So, that was the 220 dollars that went missing.  It’s like an $800 dollar bike.  The best thing is that Brother Droguett (an investigor) was wanting a new bike so he could ride with his son.  I told Bro. Droguett that he could have it just cause he is so kind and such a good man. He insisted that he will buy my new bike if he can have the old one so its a deal!  So, I basically got a super sick mountain bike that is way nice for freeeee (pr $220).   Being a missionary is pretty great cause members look out for you and we get the Lord to look out for us also.
The work is going well here in Silver Lake.  It’s probably one of the most fruitful areas in the mission and I am blessed to be able to serve here.
Oh and thank you so much for sending me that talk mom!  I loved it!  It was just what I needed to hear.  I have had multiple things this week telling me I need to be more consecrated, so I think it is a sign or something! 😉 I gotta get, but I love you so much!  I hope you have a great week and have missionary moments this week where you get to share your testimony with someone.  Have a great week!

Elder Pratt


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