August 18, 2015

Hi Family!
That sounds like a great week for everyone!  I would be included in that also!  I love to hear about how life back home just keeps on moving while I am away.  Not that I thought that I was the center of everything, but its nice to be able to hear that.  I was just thinking of how I hope people back home don’t miss me. (hahaha) I want them to, but at the same time I don’t.  This is the first time I have truly been away from home and I am loving it!  I was always kinda scared to move out and be on my lonesome, but its so great!  I miss everyone but I know that things are taken care of and its all good!  I like the frog story (mom and dad rescued a bunch of tadpoles whose pond was drying up).  That is so great!  It’s probably greener back home than here!  The grass is all dead.  I had my first real rain storm and man was that cool!  Yes, I was drenched all day, but I dry out over time.  We did some service for this older man who lost his wife.  We got rid of his wild demonic black berry bushes!  Everyone here has them!  When we ask people what we can do to help we all pray that they wont have black berries!  It turns out Satan has had children and they are everywhere in Washington…blllaaackkkkk berrrriiieeesssssssss!
This week has been different.  My companion Elder Albrecht is back in Ohio!  His two years are up and my new companion is Elder Christianson!  I don’t know him and haven’t met him yet, but I hear he is a stud of a missionary.  Hopefully he likes to work so I don’t have to drag him around.
We had a cool thing happen this week.  There is this family we have been teaching for the past 3 months.  She is smart.  I think I told you about them already but she graduated high school at 14, finished college at 20 and now works for Amazon. Super genius and she knows her bible!  Her husband, Brother Olsen is a special forces dude.  Like the guy who is in charge of the guys who are in charge of the squads.  Yeah…pretty boss!  We were talking to him the other day and he was like “how old are you?” so I answered and then he was like “hey, you should come out and I’ll jump you this Saturday”.  Jumping out of a plane with him on my back. Freakin’ Sick!!!!  I told him I can’t, sadly, but he said when I am done with being a missionary then I need to go back and he will jump me 🙂 Pretty sick!  Also I asked him if we could go for a drive in his tuned up Camero and Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner and he was like can you drive stick?  but again… against mission rules… dang it!
So, this week I was at a members house and there was a scale so I thought it would be interesting to see how much I weigh.  Freakin’ 196!  I’m not even fat!  All the food goes to my chicken legs and then since I am on a bike it turns into muscle.  It’s pretty great!
The families we are teaching are doing super well!  The Chaveses are progressing and they both have dates to be baptized!  They are struggling with smoking but Sis Chaves gave it up and set a date (Sep 5th)!  Bro. Chaves wants to be done smoking by Sep 10 cause of stressful work projects.  We are trying to get him to give it up sooner and sacrifice that smoke break with the gift of the Holy Ghost, but we don’t want to push him too much.  He is still progressing and it’s by the Lords way so all is good in the hood.  The Droguetts are doing well and they also came to church last week.  We had a mission devotional and they were there at that also.  They loved it!  Sis. Droguett is having a hard time with all the kids, but she is feeling the spirit and knows its true.  If we wanted she could be baptized tomorrow but we want it to be a family baptism, Bro. Droguett is almost there.

I have to go, so I will talk to you next week.  I love you and hope everything continues to be GREAT!

Elder Pratt


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