August 10, 2015

Hi Family!

That is awesome that everything is going so well for all you you 🙂 I will be thinking about grandma today.  Thanks for the update.  So this week has been interesting. it was my fastest week so far!  It feels like it was just yesterday that I was sitting here writing you!  So, you know how I had a doner bike?  Well… turns out, fred meyer brand bikes suck. (Isn’t Fred Meyer a grocery store?)  They don’t hold up to uber sick tail whips off speed bumps too well.  Let’s just say I looked pretty pro till I landed and then the tire looked like a pizza in the early stages of being tossed into the air.  Pretty bad.  We had a dude look at it and he said you might as well just buy a new bike for the price it would be to fix that rim.  Luckily, as I was telling my story of being a pro speed bump jumper to a sister in the ward told me she was moving and has two bikes she needs to get rid of!  Her husband is taller than I, so hopefully that will work.  There can be miracles if you believe!  So this weeks letter is going to be short.  It’s a crazy p-day!

Yesterday the Chavez family didn’t show up for church.  We had the Droguetts there, but the Chavez’ were sick.  Then in gospel principals class we received a message from them saying that they got the impression to go visit the temple!  They took the fam and walked the grounds and had a super spiritual experience there.  They are the ones who aren’t married and are having struggles with word of wisdom.  So then my comp and I asked “sooooo no more smoking right?” and they responded “Yes!  No more smoking and we want to get married and baptized and get the Holy Ghost in our lives!!!!”  It was a pretty cool experience not only for them but for me also.  I love being a missionary!  I couldn’t imagine my life if I wasn’t out here.  Well, I could but it doesn’t even come close to the joy that I have now.  The coolest part is seeing the change in others when they have the gospel in their lives and find that there is true happiness in this life. I LOVE WHAT I DO 😀 I hope everyone has a great week!  Talk to you later.  I love you!

Elder Pratt


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