July 28, 2015 Happy Birthday Elder Pratt!

Elder Pratt on his birthday with Levi (Adrienne and Taylor’s friend) who brought him a birthday treat. Thanks for thinking of our missionary!


     That was so cool to have Dara and Levi come by!  It was a good birthday!  The only person who even knew it was my birthday was my companion and that’s only cause my previous companion wrote it down.  I am probably getting packages tomorrow at district meeting (his birthday packages were supposed to arrive the Monday before his birthday).  The zone leaders didn’t get them last week for whatever reason but that’s okay.  It’s like having a Christmas centered on Christ but with a  birthday centered on the plan of salvation.  Like where I was before I was born and what I am doing and am going to do to make it back to Heavenly Father.  It was a very good day though.  I’ve been meaning to write Kyle and Steph to thank them for the tie, but I feel rushed in all I do…p-days are super busy!  That is so sad to hear about sister MacNealle (a family friend who passed away leaving 6 young kids behind).  Ugh…. what a tough thing…. I don’t have Seth’s (her son-Trevors age) email but would love to write him a letter.
     This week I’ll write all the things about my truck.  That was a seriously stupid decision in my life.  I love learning about mechanics and stuff but there probably was a better way to go about learning…whoops!  I took a hit there.  I think the piece that is broken is between the tranny and transfer case. It’s cracked.
     Way to go on the tadpole farm (Mom, Dad, and Jeremiah rescued a bunch of tadpoles and are hoping to have frogs to keep down the bugs in the garden)!
This week has been good.  I hardly have any time but I just have some questions for you mom.  What is the situation on the credit card thing?  Can you send me a Washington flag asap?  I want to have all of my comps sign it and my companion right now is going home in 3 weeks!  The spider chronicles continue.  This week we killed 30+ mondo sized spiders.  They were like the size of golf balls and the biggest one was between that and a baseball.  They are freaky!  I had nightmares hard core!
     One of the families we have been blessed to teach figured out my first name! I let them look at my temple recommend and now they call me Trevor…. its a rough life!  Even thinking back to memories I always think of myself as Elder Pratt.  Even when I am thinking about when I was 5 and you would call me its always Elder Pratt in my brain haha!  It’s so weird!  I think I am going to change my name when I get home to Elder.  That would be nice.
     I gotta go…I have so many peeps to write this week.  Like I said, p-day is way more stressful than any other day in the mission….ugh.  I love all of you!

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