July 20, 2015

     The reunion sounds way fun (moms siblings and their kids had a family reunion the previous weekend)!  It’s crazy how fast time flies by right?  I feel like I have only been away for like 2 weeks or something like that.  It’s already scaring me!  I  just want to say that I am sorry for being rude about the large print.  I felt bad all week.  I love you mom.  Sounds like you are having a good time though right?  Even if it is a little hectic?  I got your letter and loved it!  I also got a wedding announcement from the Van Tassels (his cousin Gerald).  It was funny cause my comp is finishing up in 4 weeks and he was saying that he will probably be getting wedding announcements and stuff that day and then I got a wedding announcement!
     We had a great week.  We met a guy who was hard hearted and then we instantly saw a softening of it and now we are meeting with him tonight about the Book of Mormon.  It was so cool!  This week we were going to have the Chavez family come to church for the 3rd time, and we met with the 17 year old son about the gospel and he was interested, so a new investigator! Then the mom hurt her back and couldn’t come to church.  So we were sitting alone, then we got a text from the 1st counselor that we had one of our families come!  We went and sat with her and the family!  2 investigators at church!  The Lord is great!  The other day we went over to help move more wood for the Droquetts and also just do some yard clean up.  Holy freakin’ Moses!, I have never seen spiders so ginormous!  Apparently we found a nest…they were like the size of Texas!  The biggest one was seriously as big as a golf ball!  All 3 of us HATE spiders so we were all being girls and killing them.  Then I felt one on my leg!!!  It freaked me the freak out!  I was ready to cry! haha!  We finally killed all of them and continued to work in the 90 degree heat with like 40 percent humidity…yeah hot.  The other day we stopped by a yard sale and I bought a suit that fits and a shirt that is exactly the right size for 6 bucks and a Mormon.org card!  Sweet deal right?
     Yes, I was able to get a bike!  I was walking around the other day and there was this black kid who was riding a bmx bike and said he didn’t need it so he gave it to me for the price of a Book of Mormon!  It’s a little small, but it gets me around. I do look pretty dang dumb though on a tiny bmx, but what a deal!  Actually I lied.  That didn’t happen, but it would be cool, right?  There is a missionary who doesn’t need his any more and is about ready to go home so I am using his.  I gotta get going.  I love you mom with all my heart and am sorry for making you sad at times and angry, and frustrated, and irritated, and annoyed, and upset, and disappointed, and any other things!  I want you to know that I love you so super much and appreciate everything you do for me!

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