July 13, 2015

     Mom you are killing me with the huge print (her computer setting does make the emails type super large- sorry mom!)!  As I was writing that I had a softening of the heart and realized it’s probably so you can read it better! 😉 Haha just kidding!  You’re not that old!  Me and my companion are getting along.  He is an old missionary and is dying in 5 weeks (aka going home).  I am killing him off and happy to do so haha!  No, he is a good guy.  We have different personalities.  My mission president shared with me a scripture.  Alma 42:29 says something about not letting things trouble you except your sins.  That was an answer to my prayers!
     That is so sad about Jack Beecroft (a good family friend)he was so awesome! I know that he is probably loving life right now.  Joseph Smith said something like if a man knew the glory even of the lowest kingdom, he would commit suicide just to get there.  Jack is not there, so just imagine his glory!
     HOLY MOSES!  I am so stoked that the Robertsons (another family friend) are going to church and the kids are baptized!  That just made my week@!  Dang how good is that?….ahh so happy!
     This week has been great!  We had 5 investigators at church this week with us and it was sweet!  The Chavez family,  Sister Droguett and Nick.  We took brother and sister Chavez to a baptism last Saturday and they loved it.  We had a law of chastity lesson with them, they aren’t married but they are going to get married and give up smoking and coffee!  So great!  We are also meeting with sister Droguett tonight to teach the plan of salvation.  Her mom has terminal cancer and isn’t expected to make it for much longer.  It is so sad. Funny story of the week…so the other day we were biking and you get the jerks who honk and we look and it’s just the finger.  That happens on an hourly basis, and it’s okay.  The other day we were biking and there was this dude with a trucker hat, sick curly-q mustache and aviators and he sticks his head out of the window and gives us the rock on sign and yells “I’M PROUD OF YA’LL” and kept on driving.  It was so freaking cool haha!  That’s what being a missionary is about (really Elder???)  It made my day and I guess sharing the gospel is alright too!  The chavez family are so ready!
     It hit me this week that I really don’t want to come home!  Let me rephrase that, I don’t want to stop being a missionary.  Our missions start when we are baptized and never end!  Maybe they do when we are at the saviors feet, but I would like to think that we keep on teaching people and sharing the gospel our whole life.  Being a missionary is the greatest calling ever!  and we are all called to serve in that aspect.  I challenge everyone to invite their friends, neighbors, enemies, cats, chickens, and turtles to meet with the missionaries.  It says go spread the gospel to every creature…so yeah, don’t challenge me, challenge the scriptures!  But seriously. Do it!  How great will be your joy if you bring many souls to Christ! 🙂 oh and Adrie and Taylor, I met Dara and Levi (some friends of theirs)!  So cool!  I’ll have to write you about that next week or something cause I gotta go, but I love all of you and hope you have a great week!

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