August 3, 2015

     I am so happy that we got a buyer for the truck (a high school friend of Trevors met a guy at basic training who is going to buy it)!  Yes!!!!!  What a blessing.  I took a huge hit on it, but learned a lot about mechanics AND financial buying impulses. Yeah about Dustin…I knew you got him smoked (Dustin is his buddy who is in Basic training and mom sent him a care package…he got made fun of and had to do a ton of pushups to make up for it…mom had no clue until this past week), but I just decided not to tell you so you didn’t feel bad and maybe also just a hint of hope that you would send him another package so it would happen a second time haha!  I love those dudes!  They changed my life!
     Thank you so much for the birthday package!  I’m guessing you didn’t wrap all of those? (she most certainly DID)  Maybe you did haha..I don’t know!
     I have two funny stories for you this week!  So, the Chavezes were asking about the temple. so we told them all we could about it and they wanted to see our recommends.  We showed them and they were like “your name is Trevor?” “yeah you look like a Trevor” and now they call me that…… alllllll the timeeeee…….. its frustrating and super weird to hear my name!  I don’t like it!  Mom, why couldn’t you just name me Elder or something 😉 but yeah I am seriously thinking about changing my name when I get back.  Elder just sounds better!  The second story I have for you is this week we were contacting on foot cause my comp got a flat tire… twice in the same week.  Anyways we walked up to this dude and he was interested!  So we taught him the restoration.  Wait, it gets better…in the bed of a truck!  I have never felt more at home!  It was hands down the best lesson ever! Then I told him I had a 1980 Chevy (insert specs) and he was like “well let me take you out and show you Chevy boy what a Toyota can do!” Please!  I just laughed at that remark.  Yeah, all that your truck can do is squeeze into tight spaces.  It was a great week!  We have two investigators with a baptism date and had 5 at church yesterday.  I hope everything continues to be going well back home.  I love you mama!

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