June 29, 2015


Dang that sounds like a crazy week!  I’m so happy that you are all doing so well!  I love being able to read whats going on back home!  Good for J for getting his eagle project done!  That’s so great he is working on it sooner and breaking the tradition of getting it down to the wire last minute!  I wish I could have been there to slave away with the boys and dad.  I miss working hard physical days.  Here it is just spiritually draining…but still good!  Wow, what a crazy story of the car experience! (Meredith interjecting…we had a small miracle in our family.  The parents and Jeremiah were driving up to Utah.  Jeremiah was behind the wheel, dad in the back seat asleep (not seat belted!) long story short, jeremiah veered off the road and side swiped the guard rail.  It was the only guard rail for miles around and if it had not had a guard rail right there or if he had over corrected they would have been in a serious accident.  It was nothing short of a miracle…those Pratt angels are hard at work on the next generation as well! back to Trevor though) I’m so glad everyone is alright!  That could have turned out badly.  That’s so crazy everything that is going on with the VanTassels (all happy stuff)!!!!  Time flies!  Soon it will be J leaving and me coming home!  annddd me getting married?!  heheh 😉

I am so glad that the sd card and the letters got there safe… I was so worried that all those pictures got lost in the mail or something!  Okay okay, I’ll take less selfies (the majority of the pics he sent us were selfies…goofy kid!).  It is going to be so weird here not being able to blow stuff up or go shooting or to a parade or anything on the 4th.  The thing I am going to miss the most is family!

This week has been nuts!  We have so many families that we are teaching I don’t even know if I know their names!  Just kidding!  The Drougetts, Wards, Olsens, Nick, Millers, Chavez, Scheuflers, Christensons, Jillie and the Sanchez family. Wow, I am so blessed to be able to be apart of all of these peoples lives and help them with finding the truth and bringing them to Christ.  This last week gay marriage was passed and that’s alright I guess.  At first I had a real hard time with Americas decisions, but its not our place to judge, right?  By no means am I happy with it or agree with it but that’s okay!  Then we were contacting the other night and met this whole house of somoans and there were 8 of them living there.  The guys we were talking to seemed a little off, so we asked them if they were homosexual and they said all 8 of them were! They were seriously the nicest people I have ever met, like honestly.  We just went on our way and kept on contacting.  Oh, cool story this week.  We got a call from Bishop Mooth and he said there was a family who wanted to have their baby blessed cause she was sick.  So we went over there and as soon as we walked in the door and met the mom and dad I knew something was up.  They had a look of fear on their faces and they just looked scared…they then described to us that strange things have been happening in the house.  They would hear things falling in the middle of the night.  Hear bumps and things.  The baby couldn’t sleep.  She would just track around the room with her eyes and then focus on this one point and laugh and giggle.  The 10 year old child would talk to nothing in his room.  The mom said that just before we came over she was taking a nap and woke up to this sharp male voice that said something in German!  Yeah, it was a freaky experience.  Then I realized we have the Spirit of God with us, the most powerful thing on this world and have nothing to fear.  We gave a lesson and soon the feeling in the house was of peace and comfort.  We then gave the baby a blessing and blessed the house and the mom and dad were so relived.  They felt peace come over them and knew everything was going to be alright.  I love being a missionary!  It’s such a beautiful thing that we carry the spirit with us wherever we go.  It’s up to us to create that environment but it’s so nice to know that through the power of the Holy Ghost people can feel comforted.

Just real quick, I had to speak in church this week and man people here don’t have the same sense of humor that our home ward does.  I was cracking, well trying to, crack jokes and I seriously had one person laugh and I’m pretty sure that was the couple from good ole’ AZ!  Straight faces and everything!  Anyways I have to get going so I will talk to you next week!  I love all of you!


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