June 22, 2015

I am SO far behind on posting his letters.  Please forgive me.  It has been a crazy summer! 
We (mom and dad) took Nathan down to the valley to put him on a flight to SLC. Thanks Mere and Rich for a fabulous gift and opportunity of a lifetime. I told Trevor about Nathan getting the pat-down at the security check in the airport. Priceless!

     Man that sounds like you had a great week!!! Yes, I could totally see that whole Nate thing going down!  Everything you said I could just imagine in my head haha!  So funny!!!  That’s way cool you and dad got to spend your 35th in the temple!  I bet that was a special experience, and then to go to a Hawaiian reception!?!  I wish I was there!  I bet the food was delicious!  I hope dad had a great fathers day!!!  It was so weird being away from home!  Just like walking around and contacting all these people and asking them about their fathers was weird not being home with my own.  It really made me realize how much I missed spending time with dad in the garden and working with him and stuff.  That’s priceless!  The bishop of the ward (Bishop Mooth) shared a poem that was pretty cool.  I asked him what it was so I could share it with dad but he never got back to me.  It talked about a man who crossed this river and when he got to the other side he started to build a bridge.  Then a man came up and asked this man working why he was working so hard to build this bridge when he will never have to cross this river again?  The man said it wasn’t for him but for his “kids” it didn’t really say that but it was hinting at it.  It was an emotional Sunday for me but it’s all good.  It was a great Sunday meeting though cause we had cookies and PIE!  They gave us elders all the left over pie!  It’s so funny how that happens!  I was about to get another piece and then decided not to cause I had the thought that they were going to give us the left overs…and then they did!  Or like I will be going to a members house and be like ‘man I wish I had some cookies’ and then sure enough the members give us cookies!  The Lord takes care of his servants, that’s for sure!  The perks of being a missionary are pretty great!
     I hope dad and J got my letter that I sent last week?  It had the sd card in it from the mtc and the first few weeks of my mission…. hopefully it got to you? Also did my letter to Levi ever show up at the house?  I hope so.  That’s too bad about the truck…that its still there!  Someone needs to buy it!  I’m not sure where the keys are… I thought they were in the cab of the truck but if not there then they might be in my backpack? or my room? or the mantle?  Who knows!… sorry I didn’t get things in order before I left.
      This week has been a good one!  That family that dropped us came back!  We had the impression to go and let them know we still cared about them even if they weren’t taking the lessons.  We asked them if we could do some service for them and set up a time to do so.  Then we left and before we got like a mile away they called us and asked if we could come back and answer some questions they had!  Now they are back on track and loving life!  So crazy how that worked!  Also, there was a lady that we met contacting and we set up a time to meet with her and her husband.  They are like super interested in learning about the gospel!  It was funny cause in the lesson the wife would come up with a question and the husband would answer it for her almost perfectly!  He’s totally on our side 😉  We helped him fix a fence the other day and it was awesome!  He only said the F word once!!!  Funny guy!  He had an Asian guy helping us.  I was on the ground mixing some concrete and my companion was just standing there and then the Asian man came up and asked us if we wanted a drink and offered a can to my companion so he went to grab it thinking it was diet coke.  Turns out it was coors light!  Oh man I was giving my comp such a hard time for it!  The Asian man was so confused why we couldn’t drink it.  He asked if we were 19 and we said yes so he was like then why can’t you have a drink?  We explained to him that 1 we aren’t 21. This is America, not Asia. the drinking age is a little different and 2 we are MORMON!  We don’t drink!  It was just so funny seeing this guy so confused as to why we wouldn’t drink with him!  Oh it was great 🙂 oh and mom…I am going on bike this week!  I need a bike or else I will be walking!!!  So could you please fin…… just kidding 🙂  I found a bike that I can borrow from my zone leader.  He is a great missionary and he is in the car cause of his calling and he only has two transfers left, so he will probably finish out his mission in car. I will probably just buy the bike from him.  It’s a big frame cause he is over 6 feet tall so it will work fine!  Thank you for helping me find one even away from home I still need my mommy’s help!  That’s crazy how it works like that! I am just loving mission life though and staying positive!  It’s so weird that I am actually staying so happy even with all this negativity around me!  When we have the Lord on our side we are unstoppable as long as the glory goes to him!  Can you let kyle and steph know that I got the tie and love it!?  Thank you!  I am just amazed that time is going by this fast!  It’s like when I find out that its say the 19th, I am shocked!  I finally get used to that and then go to bed, wake up, and think its still the 19th but then its the 20th!  That throws me off and then its just a constant repeat of that.  Today I thought it was the 21st and I just realized its the 22nd!!!  So crazy how fast time is going!
     Oh 1 more thing. I had dinner with a member family, turns out brother Vance served his mission in Mexico in Colonial Dublan and Colonial Jaurez! that was so crazy!  He would describe a place and I would know exactly what he was talking about!  What are the relatives that live in Jaurez that we go and see?  Anyways, I have to get going… a few more people to write so I will head out for this week!  I love all of you and hope things are well back home!

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