July 7, 2015

Mom wrote: Happy 4th/6th of July! *#!** (These are fireworks; not swear words) I am sure that made his day! Our little firework loving, explosive missionary!


Wow, that sounds like a great week!  I am so happy that you didn’t get splinters in your eyeballs! (meredith interjecting to help with confusion.  Mom went to girls camp and the place they stayed had a tree that was hit by lightning a day before they got there…it threw splinters all the way across the tent site!)  That would not be fun.  I loved seeing the picture Traci (Ashlyn’s mom took pics of our families together at the rodeo) sent me!  I was telling my companion how redneck I tend to be and then that picture topped it off!!!  I loved it!  It was so weird being away from home on Independence Day, especially in Washington!  I’m glad some parts of America still live up to the title of land of the free and home of the brave.  I was thinking about the family a lot that day but knew everyone was having a good time so it didn’t bug me.  Surprisingly, I have only gotten home sick like twice and when it does hit it only lasts like 10 minutes.  Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words!  They are great!  I’m glad Noah got to see his buddy Brittyn (Ashlyn’s little sister) at the rodeo!  The people of Washington are so weird! haha!  Well at least federal way.  No anvil firing, no parade, no families out and about, and no local fire works!  The fireworks are all on the sound in Tacoma and Seattle, which would be super cool to watch.  The town basically shut down, like a ghost town almost. Except there were fire crackers going off all day and at all hours of the night!  They are illegal cause it’s so dry here but the hood rat kids don’t care about the law too much.

So this week has been real good.  We have been so blessed to teach so many families and help them ‘come home’.  We are teaching the Chaves family and we went to the door and we heard from sister Chaves “oh yay! The Mormons are here!” hahah!  It was just so funny to hear that cause usually its something like “nope not interested, have a good day” or ” I’m already saved, thank you” no one has really threatened us to bad, but I know that even if they did I still wouldn’t care!  They don’t have guns here 😉 I have a cool story!  We got a call from President last Saturday and my companion was called to be the assistant!  So, now I have a new companion.  I haven’t met him yet, but I hear he is a straight up boss!  I got to be in a tripanionship with my zone leaders for the past few days and it has been so much fun!  It actually feels like I am on a mission now and I get to laugh and be goofy!  My computer is also being weird and not giving my all my time so I will see if I can figure this junk out.  Oh and on the 6th week of the transfer p day is on Tuesday.  Sorry if I scared you (we were slightly worried when we didn’t get an email from him on monday).  Things are going well here in WA!  I love it!  It’s surprisingly dry and hot!  We broke the record the other day by hitting 96 degrees!  It was a cooker and the “little” humidity we have is killing me!  It gets so stinkin’ hot!  Anyways, as I was saying, my companion is now the assistant.  I think he is a much better fit there than with me.  I’m not going to talk bad about him cause he is a great missionary but he and I just didn’t match up on most things.  But, these 6 weeks have strengthened my testimony of prayer a whole ton. Like 3 days before we got the call, I was praying that I would get a new comp and looky here! hahaha good stuff!

I don’t know if I told you last week that an investigating family invited us over for steak dinner or not, but they did!  So, we happily partook of their super expensive food and taught them a lesson.  Then last Sunday they invited us back and we had fried chicken!  It was so good!  This Sunday we are going back and I get to pick whatever meal I want!  Sister ward takes such good care of the “boys”! That’s what she calls us, but that’s a-okay with me partner, as long as i get to keep on eating there and teaching them it’s fine by me!

As far as music goes, I made a terrible mistake, I didn’t get music before my mission!  When we are out here we can only get music from other elders and if family sends us it.  I actually wrote a letter to you mom asking if you could get a flash drive and have J put on some music and then if Ash can also?  I don’t know  as far as the things i can listen to, it says in the white hand book if you can get a hold of one of those.  Bishop has some.  I gotta go so I will talk to you next Monday and report back to you on Elder Albreck, my new comp.  I am glad everything at home is going good, and I love all of you!  Have a blessed week!  That’s what Washingtonians say here at least 😉


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