June 15, 2015

*One of Trevor’s best friends just came home from his mission early due to medical complications. I broke the news to him. Also, I asked him basic questions that I have been curious about*

Hello Family!

I can still answer the questions right here if that works for you? I am just devastated about Micah… I am literally trying so hard to fight back the tears. That sucks so bad…. I will send him a letter this week. I had just gotten his mission address from Ashlyn last week but didn’t have time to write him but yeah… I don’t know if I should write him on that or not.  Man that’s so rough. What a heart breaker.  Poor kid.

*(I told him we signed up to feed the missionaries and I did pizza because I didn’t have time to pull it together- mom)*. yeah same thing happened for us this week!  The members forgot they had signed up but instead of pizza we got Chinese food!  Hehe 🙂
This week has been a rough one.  We got dropped by our top investigating family and it took a toll on my companion.  So he was in a bummed out mood all week and we didn’t have the success we were hoping for but this week will be better!  Surprisingly I am doing fine with attitude and my “black and white” personality.  Except now.  I’m pretty depressed cause of that info about my bud… but I will get over it and remember that everything happens for a reason.  The lord has plans for him!

Funny story to brighten the letter.  Elder Downing and I are terrible at names. So bad!  So usually when we set return appointments then we ask “how do you spell your name?” and then we got it!  So the other day we were talking to this guy and it came to that so Elder Downing asked “and how do you spell your name?” (I remembered it) but the guy was like “uhhh mike?  The traditional way I guess…M- i- k- e”  Hahahah, it was seriously the funniest thing ever!!!  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even pull it together!  It was great 🙂 but yeah things are going good here and I am loving being in WA!  It’s gorgeous and perfect weather every day!

now onto the questions:

1) I did get my package and thank you so much!  An sd card is going in the mail today with all my pictures on it!

2) No some one bought the bike… but they may have another they can sell me soon!

3) The members feed us Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Good stuff! 🙂

4) I do live in an apartment and its pretty awesome actually.  Kinda ghetto but I have pictures 🙂

5)  Never found my glasses… I am almost 99 percent sure they are at meres house.  That’s when I was wearing them last.

6) Sleeping like a rock!  I go to bed in one position and stay that way till I hear the alarm

7)  Do you get along with your companion?  Mine and his personalities are like complete opposite.  He’s serious and lets face it, that ain’t me!  Like no laughing or anything but we make it work.

8) Not homesick at all!  The only time I felt like I wanted to be there was to work with dad in the yard and to be there for graduation for Ash.  “Ashlyn sickness” is a whole different story though…. its rough but I am doing okay! I’m here for a reason and once she gets out it will be easier 🙂

9)  What do you need from home? letters! Continue to love me haha?  Yeah I think I am good for now.

10)  Do you prefer getting emails, letters, or both? (Dumb question) both.  I can only write letters on p day so that’s hard cause there is so much to do on our “day off” what a joke!  Our p day is more intense than our normal day!

Thank you for all you do and if you by chance get this soon can you send me grandma and grandpas address?  Like in texas?  Where they live?  I am going to send them a thank you letter/ fathers day thing!

Well I gotta go.  A missionary has to go to family services and he has to have us drive him…. lame.  but I still need to write some others but thank you for being the best parents ever!


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