June 8, 2015

stolen from the mission blog
I stole this pic from the mission blog.  This was his “welcome to the mission” picture with the other newbies. 

YAAAYYYY for Adrie and Taylor!!! (*Adrienne and Taylor had their baby girl this past Friday.  Adelle Christine Linton 5 lbs. 14 oz.*)  That’s so awesome!  I’m so excited for them and the family 🙂  It’s crazy to think that when I get home she will be 2!  Weird!  I can’t wait to get to play with her.  Good for J and dad!  (*Show Low stake youth trek was this past week.  Dad even got to attend to tell pioneer stories.*)  That’s awesome to hear that they both enjoyed it 🙂  J probably enjoyed it more than I enjoyed mine and it was perfect weather the whole time for me so that’s sayin’ something!  Honestly I miss just working. Yeah I am working out here but not hard physical work.  It’s more spiritually draining than anything and that’s what’s killing me!  I’m not used to this stuff at all and my comp has a bad back so we hardly ever get to do service and when we do it’s at like di or something not hard.  I JUST WANT TO MOW A LAWN OR SOMETHING!!!!!  Never thought I would say that but hey, people change 😉 I know I have.  I’m still the same punk I was back home but I look at people differently and with more hope I guess. I don’t know how to explain it.  Sweet deal about Dustin! (*Dustin is his good buddy who recently joined the military*). I miss that kid so much.  I think about what he is doing like every day.  When I am protecting from spiritual danger he is out there protecting us as a country.  Proud of that kid.  Kinda jealous, but I’m happy that since I can’t do it he can.  I will try to write him and Levi soon but I seriously have NO time to write.  I can only write letters on p day and my comp is a rule Nazi and also the district leader…. so no rule breaking for me!  No, but that’s probably a good thing I guess.  I want to be obedient I guess ;).  As far as letter writing goes, I have no time, like ever.  Our p day is not a day of rest.  Sure we get to use computers, but we have to be in missionary clothes all day!  Email is probably the highlight of my week.  I love being able to hear from everyone and finding out what’s going on over on the home front!  I’ll try to write everyone but no guarantees.

This week was nowhere near as successful as the last.  We taught like no lessons and all of our investigators decided to like take a break for a while or something.  We are hanging in there and working our hardest.  It’s just temporary.  I really decided I do not enjoy talking to people.  Like hardly at all.  I still do it but it’s not something I am all for but maybe I will be able to overcome that this week.  At least I hope so.  I don’t feel like I know what to say or when to say it.  I am a pretty crappy teacher, I wouldn’t take lessons from me, but I will work on it and strive to do better as my mission progresses!  The people don’t know that I hate it so that’s good.  Oh, and another cool thing!  I’m still in America and this state isn’t completely full of Obama loving democrats!  I hear gun shots almost every night!  (*Not what  you should be writing your mom…hello Trev!*)  How cool is that!?!?  I can just about count on hearing at least one fired a night.  Hopefully it’s not at people, but at cats or bears or something.

Yeah, life is good.  I’ve been trying to take a lot of pictures but it’s hard to not look like a “tourist” when everything is so pretty here!  Last night we asked this lady if we could take some pictures of the sun going down over the Olympic Mountain range.  Her yard had the best view, so we asked and she let us!  While my comp was taking pictures then I was talking to her about family history and that was cool.  She didn’t want to hear about the gospel but she wanted to find out more about her ancestors!  Sweet deal!  I think that does it for me this week!  I have to email my mission prez and a few others, so I’ll talk to you next week!  I love all of you and hope the best for everyone!


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