May 27, 2015- Arrived in Washington

Hello Family,

It sounds like things are going well at home!  I have been loving it here in WA! It’s so pretty. You can definitely tell its very democratic.  I am serving in Federal Way actually and the zone is pretty small but its like ghetto of the town so hopefully next transfer I will be in the country side where I belong. Yeah my trainer messed up his back so we are in-car for the next two weeks to six.  So yeah, my mission is mostly biking.  I probably have the coolest trainer in the world!  Elder Downing and I hit it off.  He’s a Texas boy so that’s pretty awesome. I got here and went right into teaching as soon as we hit the airport!  President Eaton met us there after having the coolest experience of my life by flying!!!!  (It was his first time flying, that he can remember) It’s so awesome!  When I get back I can’t wait to fly all over!  Yeah, so we started teaching right away.  Then we met up with our trainers and went back to the apartment and right to a lesson.  We then tracted cause the other two lessons we had set fell through and I am terrible at it!  My people skills are okay but I can’t tie it into the gospel and just start talking to a random stranger about how they once did heroin all of the sudden!  That didn’t actually happen… haha but it feels like that’s what I am trying to do… it’s rough but it’s a good experience.  I taught a lesson today with my comp and we rocked it out!  The man even asked us for a blessing so we gave him one and I just feel like they are going to be sealed as a family before I leave.  He is a less active but his wife and kids have no idea about the church. They are super cool 🙂

My address is just my mission home.  It is 23175 224th place SE, suite E maple valley, wa 98038 they get all the mail and stuff and deliver it to the missionaries so that if we happen to get transferred to a different location then our mail will still be able to reach us.  The mtc mail will get here in like 2 weeks if I had anything coming to me that never got there.

The trees are throwing me off since they are all so close together and the crowns are touching!  I was thinking if a fire came through here then the whole place would burn down… then I remembered…. there is no such thing as fire here in Washington hahaha.  At least forest fire where I am.  The past two days have been sunny and bright.  So yeah, that’s something I wasn’t expecting!  I gotta go. I love all of you and thank you for everything!


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