June1, 2015

I called the mission home and asked about possible bikes left there. They had a great mountain bike for him for a great price. We hope it works for him. They will deliver it to him to check it out.  Don’t you love his greetings, endings, and punctuation? Meredith has her work cut out for her editing his letters.  No punctuation and no capital letters at the beginning of words but he puts those smiley faces in everywhere…some get edited out and others not.   

Sweet!  Nice work on the bike mom!  I’m so excited to ride in the rain and get soaking wet for days!!!  Not really! hahah, but still I need a bike so thanks for finding me one!  My p day is Monday. That’s too bad about the glasses (The ongoing glasses saga, he cannot find his glasses and we have all looked everywhere for them also…where could they be?)   Sad day, well hopefully I don’t tear a contact haha cause yeah I would be in trouble. That’s nice that dad will be able to work and stuff.  That’s awesome 🙂  I wonder if I would recognize the elder who is serving there!? (A new green elder serving in Show Low that he may have known in the MTC)
Yeah, so this week has been nuts!  We are teaching a family who will probably be baptized soon!  It’s a younger family that is looking for the gospel and like a solid foundation.  They were at church yesterday and we are meeting with them tonight.  We are possibly committing them to baptism.  We will see what the spirit will have us do and say 🙂 We also taught an African murican (American?) lady who is straight outta south Africa.  She is amazing!  We taught her the restoration and asked her to pray if Joseph Smith and the words we spoke are true.  So she did in the closing prayer and then the prayer ended and it was silent….. Then she said “I believe this is true” WOWOWOW! Revelation right in front of us!  Elder Downing and I were stunned! The spirit was so strong.  We went for a follow-up lesson the other day but she wasn’t there so we are meeting with her this week.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.
We have been contacting a lot and have had some crazy things happen!  We talk to inactives and super Catholics and stuff and they don’t want us to teach them but Elder Downing and I have been asking since we are a new companionship and I am a greenie if we can “practice” teach them and they say yes!!!  Like how crazy is that? hahah!  We are planning that we start this practice lesson and then the spirit comes kicking in the front door and testifies to them that it’s true and they need to start filling to bath tub cause they just cant wait to be baptized!  It’s going to work! hahah
We had an interesting run in with this atheist man.  Super smart dude!  His name is Terry and yeah…he is really a  smart guy.  We were just talking to him about his electric democrat car and then we brought up the gospel and asked if we could teach him.  He asked how long our lessons are and we told him like 30 minutes.  He said that was too long.  So I asked if 5 minutes would work and he said yes!  So we have had 5 minute lessons with him and he is so crazy funny hahah!  He read the intro to the Book of Mormon in like 20 seconds. and we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  He relates prayer to banging his head on the wall and trying to talk to it! So yeah… We’ve got a game plan for him 🙂 no worries!  Also, he believes in a creator but he thinks it’s a grad student sitting at a computer controlling us!  So I hit him with the question “well who created that kid then?” and yeah…. he went into quantum physics and crazy things that went way over my head!  Believing in God would be so much easier!  No math involved in that!  Good thing cause I would probably be lost!  But yeah, things are going good!
I had to bear my testimony in church yesterday and that was not cool!  We have wards all over here in Federal Way but they are tiny!!! I would guess like half the size of ours hahah. oh!  That brings me to my next interesting thing.  We met with a lady named Betty and she is deaf in one ear and just kinda wacko! hah But yeah, we invited her to church so she came!  After the church meeting we could hear some yelling….so we went out there and she was saying “Oh this is the most boring church I have ever been to!  I’ve been to Catholic and the Protestant and the Baptist and all these other ones but I have NEVER been to a more boring church!  I’ve never been to a Jewish church but hey I might as well go to that cause it’s probably more interesting than the Mormon church! BORING BORING BORING!” hahaha yeah poor lady! hahaha!  So we left her out in the foyer with a Book of Mormon and she read that for the next two hours. hahah!  We will be paying her a visit this week to let her know that we aren’t a bunch of black people singing and praising Jesus through song and dance.  We like more to be spiritually entertained 🙂 so yeah 🙂  Things are good here in Washington!  It rained for the first time today and it’s super pretty 🙂 love all of you and hope everything is going better than perfect 🙂

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