May 25, 2015 (Memorial Day)

Dear Family,

So, the server or something is down on mylds mail so I found a loop-hole hehe.  I can’t get in to see what you wrote this week.  I did get the list you sent me, but sadly I forgot about like 100 percent of the stuff that it said on it… except the glasses thing. I think I was wearing them at Mere’s house but if she finds them tell her to send it to my mission office or wait a few days cause they no longer give me mail here at the mtc.  I don’t know why 😦  This week has been great!  The days are long but the weeks are short.  Well I guess I’ve only been here for like a week and a half but it feels like its been about two months when I think about it in day form. hahah I fly out tomorrow around 8 or so and I get to call home to check in or something so yeah expect a call 🙂  First real time on a plane hahah and I’m so excited!

I don’t think I told you about my new asian friend so here I go!  I met this elder named Jaio and he has been here for 6 weeks learning english.  Turns out we are flying out the same day and to the same mission!!  How crazy is that!?!  He has a hard time expressing what he wants to say in english so it’s so funny trying to communicate with him hahah!  He just laughs and I do too.  It’s a great time hahah!  We are like insta buddies 🙂 He is one of those people you meet and you just love him from the second you start talking to him 🙂  His teacher came up to me at the end of the day and just thanked me for being his friend and to also look after him when we fly out and make sure he is okay.  I was already going to do that but it was nice of her to care about him so much to make sure someone would help him out 🙂  So i have a funny trc thing.  It’s like a real investigator but you only get 4 lessons with him and I got real close to him.  Not a good idea… it sucked saying bye to him hahah I teared up a little… I can’t wait to get out of here… this place is so good but seriously it feels like spirit prison.  I think the field will be way better 🙂

Well…I was writing you and then the computer crashed on me!  Sad day hahah such a rough life being a missionary…. not really, it’s actually pretty good 🙂  I was going to send you some pictures this week but I can’t figure this thing out!  So yeah…once I get to the field and get a more permanent address can you send me my other sd card so I can send this one home? It’s half way full and I haven’t even made it to my actual mission yet!  but yeah sorry for not knowing the answers to all of those questions you had.  Well I’m sure I would know them but I just forgot to bring to paper…. once I log in I will answer them 🙂 sorry that the email this week is so short but apparently satan controls technology so blame him!  Jerk!  I hope everything is going well back at home and I love you all!  annnnd my truck sold?  Probably not but I have been praying about it so you never know hahah.  Talk to you next week!  🙂

Elder Pratt


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