May 18, 2015

The MTC is awesome!  I am loving it!  I can’t believe how spiritual it is here!  My district is super cool and i love all of them. even my comp.  We are working together so much better.  I sat him down after we had a terrible lesson (he thought it was amazing and I thought it didn’t go that well). We had a good chat about it.  It’s going way better now, and we are getting along!  It’s crazy how spiritual it is here.  I have just been taking in all that I can and loving it!  Hope every thing is going good at home and know that I love all of you and thank you for the examples you have set. I recieved your package and thank you for the “swiss rolls” haha the elders I am rooming with aka my district boys loved them! 🙂  Talk to you next week 🙂  Sorry that i didnt have time to write too much but it took forever to find a thing to wash my clothes in and to find an open computer.  Next week i will do better 🙂

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