May 14th (first letter home)

May 14th (the second day in the MTC)

Dear Parents,

I love you. My experience here has been great! It’s so crazy how SLOW time goes on here…It’s only been 35 hours here, but its killing me! It’s been great though. This is the only other place besides temples that you have to have a recommend. I love how spiritual it is. Like every 20 minutes you feel the spirit. It’s true that the spirit is the teacher here.

I love the food though! It’s so delicious and  its as much as you can eat! Chocolate milk for every meal J (Jeremiah) just kidding, I have mostly juice.  Breakfast I go all out! Donuts, cereal, fruit, burrito, just everything. That was my breakfast today.

I love my district, and actually I am, as of 20 minutes ago, the district leader. I didn’t really want that calling, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I could work more on loving my comp.  I talked with my branch president and he really encouraged me to get on a more personal level with him and learn to love him for him, even though we have our differences. It’s now 5 minutes past bedtime so I will close just by telling you how much I love each and every one of you. Thank you for loving me, and for all the sacrifices you have made. I appreciate YOU ALL!

Elder Pratt


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